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"The term 'Super Mom' is attainable for EVERY mom. We just need a little direction, hard work and encouragement (and maybe a few secrets along the way)... that's where this book comes in..." 
-- Dr. Secily Torn, pediatrician, Super Mom of four
What Is "Secrets of the Super Mom"?
You are about to discover some of the best kept secrets about early Motherhood and get real "lessons learned" peer advice from real moms -- straight talk you'll wish you'd known BEFORE you had your baby... This is the guide every mom before you wishes she'd had when she was facing all the challenges of being a new mom... A survival tool for those times when she was fumbling to breastfeed in public or fighting to get her baby to sleep, or struggling to balance the roles of fun mom and firm disciplinarian... and too often feeling frozen by self-doubt over whether she was doing any of it right at all. This book is a SHORTCUT. A blueprint to success.
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  • Get Your Baby on a Predictable Routine from Day 1 
  • Get More SLEEP!
  • Learn What Other Super Moms, Like YOU, did to achieve early success in the first 2 years
  • How To Wean from Breastfeeding PAIN-FREE!
  • What NEVER to Feed Your Newborn
  • Mom Tips Your Doctor Never Told You
  • Hospital Survival Tips -- MUST KNOW BEFORE YOU GO!
  • Spot These 3 Triggers of Misbehavior in your Toddler
  • Yummy healthy eating for all
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 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"I loved reading this book. I could totally relate to many of the scenarios in the book along with many of the emotions that go along with 
being a Super Mom!"
-- Margo Rodriguez, Super Mom of two
"This book is exactly what I needed. It filled in the gaps that the other pregnancy books left out. I read it cover to cover in about 10 days... not only did it prepare me for my little girl, but it helped me with the recovery and immediate days following..."
-- Kristi McCluer, Super Mom of one
"Love. It. I so with I had this book when I had Daniel. This will be a go-to for 
baby shower gifts."
-- Marcella Fewox, Super Mom of two
See Why It Fills The Gaps Other Pregnancy Books Leave Out
What People Are Saying About "Secrets of the Super Mom" On..
Inside This FREE Book, Here Are a Few of the Secrets 
That You'll Be Given For FREE...
  • Learn how to get your baby on a predictable routine from Day 1 = More Confidence.
  • Get More Sleep!! Learn how you can achieve the "Holy Grail" of early parenting -- a full night of uninterrupted sleep from your baby -- by taking these steps the very first night home with your newborn.
  • Which essential "comforts from home" to pack that will brighten your hospital stay, reduce your stress, and prep you for memorable post-delivery pictures (that inevitably wind up on Facebook and Instagram).
  • The judgement-free truth about epidurals from a mom who's actually been there! When you get them, what they feel like, who controls them... (hint: it's not usually the doctor)... and how they can actually help give your baby a safer and faster delivery.
  • How to wean from breastfeeding PAIN-FREE!
  • Become a "Baby Whisperer!" How to zero in on your baby's hunger signals so you can feed him before he gets fussy... (hint: if he's crying for a feeding, you've waited too long!)
  • The surprising reason why you actually want your baby to be awake when you put him down to sleep... and how this one tip will lengthen and deepen his nighttime sleep period! 
  • Learn to spot these 3 Triggers of misbehavior, and you can dramatically reduce the likelihood of your toddler acting out, making the need for punishments that much more rare (and more effective).
  • How to safely add solids to your child's diet, and what NEVER to feed your newborn... the common culprit that's in your fridge right now that could actually harm your baby's kidneys.
  • What other Super Moms, just like you, did to achieve early success in parenting!
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Super Mom Breastfeeding Log

Tracking your newborn's Eat, Play, and Sleep patterns is the fastest way to synch schedules so you can plan your days! This was my most valuable and most used tool during the earliest weeks of my sons' lives!

You can use this handy quick-print log to track your baby's habits using the Eat, Play, Sleep Sequence outlined in the book, Secrets of the Super Mom... it also contains a sample day using real data from when my youngest was a newborn.

A log like this costs $19.99 in stores, but it's yours free when you order Secrets of the Super Mom.

30 Day Planning Guide to Lean Meals

Eliminate the "6 o'Clock Struggle" of dinner stress with these super-nutritious, delicious, and easy-to-prepare meal plans.

Each meal is family-friendly and low fat, so you can restore peace at dinnertime (with EVERYONE) and feel great about what you're serving your family. (Even older kids will love and appreciate these fun and tasty recipes.)

Full cooking instructions and quick-print shopping lists are included! A cookbook like this one costs $29.99 in stores, but it's my special bonus to you when you order your free copy of Secrets of the Super Mom.

Restaurant Survival Guide

Eating out doesn't have to mean blowing nutrition. This super-handy pocket guide lays out healthy ordering tips for parents and kids meals whenever (and wherever) you order out.

I've broken down the tips by the most popular categories with several options that might surprise you. Even in a pinch, "fast" doesn't have to mean "fat" when you know what to look for.

Free instant access to this handy printable guide, worth $29.99, is my special bonus for taking action today!
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1. I deeply care about helping new moms create healthy homes and as a first-time mom I struggled with getting everything "just right" for my new baby. Why reinvent the wheel if you don't have to?

2. And because we often rely on our other friends who are mothers to help us out when we need it, I interviewed other moms about their experiences and put it all in here to help you!

3. I get to put one of my products in your hands, and when you see how awesome and encouraging it is, it should get you excited to buy other stuff from me in the future, such as my Super Mom Get Fit Program, where I help moms shed the baby weight and get into the best shape of their lives. I look at this as a positive way to build a solid relationship. :-)

4. Honestly, I want to have a Ripple Effect on your life... The only parenting books on the market when I began this journey a few years ago were either clinical, scientific, hard to understand... or they just downright scared me to death... But my arsenal of Super Mom Secrets made me confident... I knew I had a plan... And a confident mom is a happy, more secure and stable mom. And that confidence definitely impacts your child and everyone else around you. 
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